Understanding Animal Law

Written by an animal law trial and appellate lawyer of over twenty years, who has also taught in the field of animal law for over a decade, Understanding Animal Law takes an approach outside the nutshell. A hornbook with a litigator’s perspective, complete with hypotheticals and legal historical treatment covering centuries, this over 700-page text is comprised of 22 chapters that survey the burgeoning field of animal law in the traditional areas of criminal, tort, estate planning, contract, and federal animal welfare statutes, as well as the less covered areas of landlord-tenant, bankruptcy, aviation, railroad, Uniform Commercial Code, products liability, business law, vegan and vegetarian civil rights, consumer protection, insurance coverage, custodial disputes and domestic relations, Section 1983, dangerous dog litigation, end-of-life considerations, service animal access, and veterinary malpractice. Law students and lawyers alike will find value in the extensive and broad coverage of substantive legal precepts, as well as a captivating and detailed discussion of the application of the rules of evidence and professional conduct to animal lawyering, with a special focus on scientific evidence and breed discrimination. Most texts marketed to date are authored by professors with little or no actual in-court experience. This text has the benefit of being written by a lawyer who has faced many of the very issues raised by the text and, having found them judicious or dispositive in the case(s) he has handled, discusses them to aid practitioners. Mr. Karp has proven street smarts and a yen for academic exploration.

Published by Carolina Academic Press, Understanding Animal Law is available for purchase. You may order from Amazon. Please use smile.amazon.com to ensure that part of your purchase goes to an animal charity. Or you may order directly from the publisher, CAP Press, with 10% internet discount. In early 2017, the book was released in eBook format through LexisNexis Store. The CAP website allows you to read the Dedication, Preface, and Table of Contents. Thank you for your interest.